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Wondering what you’ll get from me?

All web content and web design on this site are my own - so that's a pretty good indication.

As an experienced copywriter and editor, my passion is to create high-quality, fascinating and thoroughly researched writing. Powerful, expert copy that will captivate, inform and inspire your audience. 

My style? Modern, elegant and on-trend. Highlighted by the quality of the brands that I choose to write for.

Industry expertise? I have extensive experience of writing across the: lifestyle, business, training, coaching and education sectors. 

A degree in English, as well as training in: web development, SEO, marketing, psychology and facilitation, means that my copy is SEO-rich, accurate and enticing. Benefits-driven, dynamic copy, that plays to your reader's emotions, reflects your brand story and communicates the life-enhancing qualities of your company USPs. 

Whether you need: 

- content for your website

- blogs or articles for SEO and UX

- product descriptions for ecommerce

- White Hat SEO optimisation

- sales copy for marketing

-  expert lifestyle, education or training writing

- digital marketing

- web development

- copy-editing

or something else – I would be delighted to help.  


The difference?

With a mission to provide outstanding writing that fits comfortably within the budgets of small and medium businesses, I work to timescales and fees that suit your needs. Everything you need for a sustainable and effective content strategy that delivers results.

An English specialist for twenty years, I have an abundance of formal training in writing and communication. I have written extensively on a vast range of lifestyle, education, business, self-development and training topics, across the public and private sectors. Most of my customers become long-term clients and that speaks volumes.


Writing, web development, self-development and an appreciation of life itself, are my rocket fuel. Fulfilment that gives my work and service that extra edge - the desire to deliver beyond expectations.

From luxury businesses to lifestyle companies, life coaches and education companies, join the long list of brands who choose edifyinglights.com.

Contact me or see my work below.

I look forward to writing for you.


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What is a copywriter?

What is a copywriter?

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