Edifying Lights: Copywriting

Copywriting that works

When it comes to great copy- it’s all in the flavour. You want something familiar, yet intriguing, something to savour but still recognisable – copywriting that tickles the senses.

Brochure, email, sales, website – whatever copy you need, you can be sure that you’ll get concise, captivating copy that connects with your target audience, and entices them to act.

Copywriting that is easy to read, entertaining and effective.

Clever, emotive writing that speaks to your audience, rather than mindless sales talk or adjective-stuffed drivel.

How do you write good copy? 

It’s a perfect blend of thorough research, in-depth understanding of the audience, natural talent and the ability to connect.

Check out this video by Shawn Vibert on Youtube.com: What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?

Check out this video by Kopywriting Kourse on Youtube: What is copywriting?

Write my copy please!